Chimera Communications Experts Workshops Trainers photographed at 88 London Road, Brighton. Pictured: Samantha Wilding Photograph by Simon Dack / VERVATE. Contact: Susi Doherty, Managing Director on, 0797 3677 017 / 01273 275162.

Are you someone who is:

  • wanting to create a stylish ‘off duty’ wardrobe?
  • returning to work but unsure how to ‘look the part’?
  • looking for an outfit for a special event or occasion?
  • or someone who simply wants to invest in themselves?

Research shows that people judge us in the first three seconds based on how we look and what we’re wearing, before we say or do anything.  While this may seem superficial, it is a reality in our image-conscious age, making our appearance a vital asset.

Samantha Wilding is a personal stylist, specialising in boosting the confidence of women and men over 40, helping them to look and feel their best.  style&grace’s services will help define, (or refine) your individual style, while changing the way you think about your image.  We will identify a style that is suitable for your age and lifestyle, a look that is fashionable (but not making you a slave to fashion).  Our core aim is to help you discover a style that gives you the confidence to always look and feel your best.

style&grace is based in Brighton & Hove, with clients across Sussex, Surrey and London.

All photos on my blog, unless otherwise stated, are my own, as are the opinions expressed.  (The photo above is courtesy of Simon Dack at VERVATE).  Please note that I do not accept pre-written posts or gifts that are not relevant to my personal style or to my audience.  If you are a brand wishing to collaborate and would like further information, please contact Samantha at


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