Let’s reclaim elegance

hilary in stripesMany people (my clients included) tell me that they love dressing up, but rarely have the chance to do so anymore.   We live in an increasingly casual world, where we seem to look the same no matter what we’re doing – going to lunch, the theatre, the opera or Wimbledon.  Comfort seems to have taken first priority and frankly, I think many people look sloppy as a result.  So let’s reclaim elegance. This was the theme of my event this week at beautiful Langshott Manor where I hosted a lunch and fashion show, with clothes modelled by real women.

hanging rail editedI spoke about reclaiming elegance when dressing for occasions, including those where the dress code may be the much-dreaded (and misinterpreted) smart casual.  Sharing my thoughts on what dressing well actually means, I gave an overview of the traditional dress codes, along with hints and tips on how to look chic and elegant no matter where you’re going.

models in smart casual 2 cropped

Five real women modelled beautiful clothes covering dress codes from smart casual through to black tie.  The clothes were provided by JoJo Boutique, and encompassed a mix of British, local and unique premium brands.  Many of the shoes shown were by German brand Paul Green. They are truly beautiful handmade shoes and JoJo is one of the largest suppliers of them in the UK.

Susan in black editedAlong with wearing fabulous clothes, the models were made to feel extra special thanks to the magic touch of Claire Wallace who did their hair and makeup.  And the food?  Simply delicious, especially the chocolatey dessert.

It was a really special day and everyone had a great time. I am planning further events with the Alexander Hotels Group later in the year – sign up to my newsletter to find out more


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