About me

Samantha has always had a personal flair for fashion, as well as a deep appreciation of how people carry themselves. She focuses on the impact these two elements have on how we are perceived, and how we perceive ourselves.

Before starting style&grace, Samantha spent over twenty years in corporate communications and public affairs.  Having worked with a wide range of people in business and politics, including CEOs and Members of Parliament, Samantha understands how successful people should present themselves.   She recognises that there is often a gap between how we want to look and feel, and how we actually do. She now works on bridging this gap, reigniting clients’ passion for their wardrobes and for their personal presentation.

Samantha’s unique combination of client advisory skills, corporate experience and innate eye for style led her to creating style&grace.  She focuses on creating inspiring looks that work for her clients, showing them how to dress elegantly and effortlessly, with renewed confidence.

Samantha was educated in both the US and UK, and hold a Masters in British Politics from the London School of Economics.

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