Age is no barrier to style.

Are you over 40 ? 50 ? 60 ?

Yes, I too am on the ‘wrong’ side of 40. In fact, I am perilously close to 50. One of the reasons I gave up my ‘proper job’ and started style&grace was that I am in my 40s and I want to help my contemporaries (and older) who are struggling with shopping and dressing in our youth-obsessed age.

Many fabulously well dressed and elegant women around the world are in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. And yes, I know, many of those women are blessed with wealth, height and teams of stylists (or all three). But that doesn’t mean that us mere mortals can’t look great too, whatever our age.

So let’s banish these three ageist fashion myths once and for all:

  • ‘I’m too old to wear jeans.’ No you’re not. It’s about finding the right fit, length and colour for you.
  • ‘I’m too old to wear leather.’ No one is too old to wear leather. I met Gerry Gerry for blog_13 May_1this week, who looked amazing in her skinny jeans (rolled at the ankle) black brogues, leather jacket and chic bob. I told her how great she looked and she said, ‘well, I suppose it’s not bad for a 70-year old’. Enough said.
  • Trendy and fashionable clothes look ridiculous on ‘middle aged’ or ‘older’ women’. Too trendy – yes. Fashionable touches – no – these can look fabulous. The trick is to find the elements that work for you and introduce them carefully.

You can be stylish and elegant at any age. One thing to sort out first though – make sure your bras fit and support you properly (a common mistake among older women). It will change your shape and make your clothes hang much better. Now go forth and be stylish….. or call me !

Gerry for blog_13 May_2

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