‘All I ever see her wearing is jeans…’

Denim in all its forms is a huge trend for spring/summer 2015. Along with our old favourites (jeans and jackets) denim also abounds in skirts, jumpsuits, shirts and dresses this season.


Let’s start with jeans. Two shapes dominate at the moment: flares and boyfriend. Yes, I’ve said it before – flares are back. Try them in dark or black denim with platform heels or wedges – they can actually look sharper than tailored trousers.   Higher waisted flared jeans are surprisingly flattering and a fantastic option for day to evening. The boyfriend cut (slim or a looser fit) is the other big shape this year, particularly with ripped and distressed detailing. They look equally great dressed down with a white shirt and platform trainers or glammed up with a blazer and heels.

Denim and chambray shirts are extremely versatile, and work well paired with leather skirts or leggings, or layered with fine knits in the spring chill. Come warmer weather they look crisp with white jeans.

We all know ‘double denim’ can be a tricky look to pull off. The key is to think contrast rather than trying to match tones and fabrics. A pale lightweight chambray shirt, for example, works well with a dark pair of jeans (or a deeper blue denim with white or very pale jeans). Head-to-toe denim is also prominent in the form of jump- and boiler-suits. These can be casual with a pair of leopard or white platform trainers, or dressed up with some killer heels and a contrasting clutch. There are so many options for jackets too: kimono, tailored, military, bomber….

Whatever your choice of denim, we all wear it, and we wear it a lot. So how do you keep it looking its best – particularly your darker wash jeans? Here are a few pointers:

  • don’t wash your jeans unless you absolutely have to. Most denim on the market today is pre-treated and so doesn’t need extra washing to break it in. Raw denim is an exception (see below)
  • when you do, wash your jeans inside out on a delicate setting, in cold water
  • to freshen them up between washes, hang your jeans in the bathroom while you shower
  • if you want your denim to fade, wash it once in hot water (beware of shrinkage….only do this once)
  • raw denim hasn’t gone throught the pre-wash treatment process, so is stiff and heavy. It takes a while to break raw denim jeans in and loosen them up. They then mould to the wearer’s body, which aficionados say ‘personalises’ their look

Whatever you choose this season, it’s clear our love affair with denim is far from over. We always seem to return to it in one way or another. As shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis once said of Jacqueline, ‘What does she do with all those clothes? All I ever see her wearing is blue jeans’.

Many thanks to Badger Clothing for the image.

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