Cary Grant’s rules for dressing

Images courtesy of Simon Carter menswear.

IMG_1010_cravatCary Grant had a reputation for being sartorially superior, as it were, and was often cited as one of Hollywood’s best dressed men.  His preference were for the clothes of (in his words) a ‘well-dressed, sophisticated chap.’  Of course he even managed to look elegant when being pursued across a midwestern plain by a crop duster in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest (which, by the way, required six suit changes and dozens of ties…)

Mr Grant was often asked about his ‘rules’ for dressing, and in an article for GQ/This Week said, ‘I can’t think of any rules about clothes, since there really aren’t any….’.  But he did go on to advise the following (although these are aimed at men, the first four can apply equally to women):

  • Buy [shoe] trees to conform to the shape of your shoes, and keep your coats on curved hangers
  • Don’t stuff your pockets with heavy articles and bulging wallets filled with seldom-used cards.  They ruin not only the neatness of your appearance but the actual tailoring of your suit.  (Ladies: take note where your handbags are concerned)
  • Don’t overbuy.  When you contemplate an article, judge whether or not it harmonises with items you already own
  • Take care of your clothes, keep them clean and in good repair
  • Do see that your socks stay up.  Nothing can spoil an otherwise well-groomed effect like sagging socks


Whether you prefer formality like Cary Grant or are happier in a more casual look, pay attention to the details.  Care about your look.  Be a style icon.





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