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2016 is upon us, and, as usual, everyone is focusing on diets, detox and exercise. But what about your clothes?   Your wardrobe may already be full to overflowing. Perhaps you are saving clothes to wear ‘for a special occasion’ that never seems to happen, or that you’ll wear once you lose that ‘last half stone’. Or perhaps you buy too much of the same types of item and are stuck in a style rut.

Before you hit (what’s left of) the sales, it’s a good idea to take stock of your current wardrobe and declutter it – I call this ‘detoxing’ your wardrobe – and it’s a great way to not only clear out the old and make way for the new, but to regain a sense of control over your clothes.

My wardrobe detox serves three important purposes: 1) it gets rid of the clothes you don’t, or never will, wear. This includes anything that no longer fits, can’t be altered or repaired, is desperately dated (and can’t be updated) or that you simply hate ! 2) it clears valuable wardrobe space, enabling you to actually see what you’ve got, which means you can then make informed sale shopping decisions; and 3) most importantly, it clears head space – there’s nothing like decluttering a physical space to make you feel lighter, refreshed and ready to tackle anything.

This is not something that is easy to do yourself as few of us are objective about our own clothes, and we’re not good at challenging ourselves out of our comfort zones. You need someone to be honest and unemotional yet supportive. In most cases, I am able to put together outfits from your existing clothes that you may not have thought of, instantly revitalising your wardrobe without you having to spend a penny.

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