Dressing for our predictably unpredictable weather

biker jacket01The weather is being decidedly unpredictable, to say the least – one minute it’s (sort of) warm and sunny, the next minute chilly and/or raining.  One of my clients recently told me how much she struggles with this transition – especially as warmer temperatures often mean revealing unwanted pounds gained over the winter .

So how do you dress for our predictably unpredictable weather?  ‘Smart’ layering is the key.  Here are some pointers to get you started:

  • Don’t just add layers willy-nilly.  Layer carefully, ending up with no more than three.  Go beyond that and you risk adding unwanted bulk.  Start with, for example, a basic white t-shirt.  Add a chambray shirt or a lightweight spring knit. Top it off with a fluid sleeveless blazer, a tailored jacket or a trench or duster coat.  This bamboo print duster coat from Topshop would look great paired with a simple white t-shirt and black jeans, for example.  Likewise, this sleeveless trench from Mint Velvet at John Lewis, in on-trend khaki.
  • A leather biker jacket can be your best friend.  Throw it on over almost anything to add a bit of an edge (and warmth).  Mine’s the ‘Bleeker’ by All Saints, and it’s actually the cheapest item in my wardrobe based on cost-per-wear.
  • If you worry about your bottom half, keep your jacket length to fingertip length or longer.  This will help to elongate your frame and hide a multitude of sins.  A long white shirt is also great for this – here’s a simple but chic longline white shirt from COS (pair with skinnies), and a drop shoulder fluid shirt from M&S, this time in pale pink (another on-trend colour for spring/summer).
  • Add a scarf to keep off the chill !  But think beyond woolly winter versions – try an oversized linen scarf or a bit of silk instead – it’s surprisingly warm.  The one in the photo below is by StephieAnn, who makes luxurious silk lingerie in beautiful prints.

In Stephie scarfFinally, ditch the dark tights and knee high boots !  They just look wrong now that we are in May.  Switch to sheer nude tights (Wolford’s ultrafine Naked 8’s are my go to choice) or prepare your legs to bare if you dare (body brush, exfoliate and moisturise should be your mantra…).

However unpredictable it may be, enjoy the weather !


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