Embrace elegance, not trends

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Readers of this blog may notice that I don’t tend to focus heavily on specific trends, or what’s ‘fashionable’. ┬áMy aim is to help you think about your overall style and elegance – concepts that have much more longevity. I believe we live in a graceless age, and I’d like to inject some grace and elegance back into it. There are some basic principles that anyone, male or female, whatever their budget, can adopt to up their style and elegance stakes. Here are my top three:
1) make ‘simplicity’ your mantra. Keep the number of colours to a minimum, limit your accessories and keep layers fine so as to not add bulk
2) think ‘tonal’. An elegant look involves wearing different tones of one colour: grey, navy, cream, black or camel look particularly polished. Colour can be added with accessories – grey with a pop of yellow, for example, or navy with a touch of fuchsia
3) add height and length wherever you can. I’m only 5’3″ so this is a key one for me, but it’s not just about shoes. This can be achieved by following point 2, making sure things fit properly and paying attention to the overall ‘silhouette’ created by your outfit.
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