My guide to the new season (women)

Spring/summer 2015 heralds a few big change in shapes and silhouettes, which may look a little scary at first glance. Here’s my quick overview of the new season and how to navigate the options…

  1. Flared jeans are back. Yes, it’s true. If you’re not sure, try them in dark or black denim with platform heels or wedges.   Higher waisted flared jeans create a surprisingly flattering silhouette and are a fantastic day-to-evening option. And if they don’t suit you, don’t wear them. Simple.
  1. Denim (including flares) is everywhere. But it’s not just limited to jeans. If jeans aren’t your thing, or you want to explore other options, check out the plethora of denim shirts arriving in shops now – these are great with a leather skirt, by the way. Denim dresses, boilersuits and A-line denim skirts (see M&S’s version, featured in Vogue) also abound, as a key part of the…..
  1. ….1970s trend. The ‘Me’ decade is back with a vengeance, not only influencing denim shapes, but also through prints, luxe languid blouses, suede jackets and fringing. Fringing adorns everything – be careful here unless you want to look like a cowgirl – keep it limited to one item or accessory
  1. Cropped trousers/culottes are also big (and big in volume). It’s a distinct move away from slim and tailored, which has been with us for a while. This is a tricky look to pull off, unless you’re blessed with height (which I am not). If you’re wearing volume on the bottom half, keep it streamlined on top.

Things to hang on to:

  • leather – leather bikers, skirts and leggings are still with us, and great for chilly March/April weather
  • sports luxe – the sweatshirt and cuffed sweatpant vibe is still going strong. Don’t be afraid to dress them up with heels and a clutch
  • skinny jeans – they aren’t disappearing yet
  • anything white. A big colour for spring/summer

I’ve said this before: do not follow trends for trends’ sake. If something doesn’t suit you, you will look ridiculous wearing it. And if you’re unsure of a particular colour or trend (e.g. fringing), inject it into one or two accessories first. Most of all, wear whatever you choose with confidence and a smile.


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