Guys, it’s in the bag

Black HoveWhere women’s fashion leads, men’s eventually follows. Did you know that the sale of men’s bags has increased by more than 25% in the past decade?  And that they are now a firm fixture in every designer’s menswear collection?  In fact, when Mark Carney gave his first speech as Governor of the Bank of England, he carried what most people would call a ‘man bag’.  Not a briefcase, but a soft grey, black-leather trimmed number with long handles.

Are you constantly stuffing keys, wallet, various bits of paper and who knows what else into your pockets ?  Not only does it look messy, it also ruins the line of your clothes.  Or perhaps you are carrying a ‘one-bag-fits all occasions’ number that has seen better days.

Let’s say you are ready to choose the right bag for you. First of all, consider your lifestyle.  Where and how do you spend most of your time – in the office, out with clients, do you need to carry bulky documents, do you travel frequently – take all of these into account when choosing.

SC_Lookbook_AW14_0010Once you’ve considered how and where you’ll use it, invest in one or two that work for your lifestyle.  If you work in a sharp, corporate environment, I’m guessing that you already have an appropriate leather briefcase.  But there are other options too, particularly if your working life is less formal, or you are looking for something to use on casual days.  These include:

  • Folio / Pouch: the sleekest option out there. It can have a zipper or be a simple pouch. Do not overstuff it !
  • Crossbody / Messenger: small zippered styles or roomier messenger bags. Both, as you’d expect, can be worn across the body, but should be carried no lower than the hip
  • Tote: Mark Carney’s bag of choice. A roomier alternative to the briefcase, with space for your laptop, documents and whatever else you need that day. It encompasses a number of shapes, including shoulder, sports and bowling bags
  • Duffel / Holdall: the roomiest option of all. This looks great in leather, but can also be found in tweed and canvas. If it’s no more than 55 x 35 x 20cm it can also serve as carry-on luggage
  • Backpack: self-explanatory, and having a bit of a fashion moment. Best kept for casual wear.

Did you know there were so many options ?  I can help you find the one that works best for you – contact me today.






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