Packing well is an art.

vintage-suitcase-and-girlIt’s holiday season !  This week I had the pleasure of partnering with the lovely Maria Winslow, of Winslow Skincare, to host an event focusing on holiday skin and style.

Over sandwiches and strawberries, Maria talked about some of the ways you can look after your skin in the summer sun.  A CACI representative demonstrated a new hand-held machine you can use for toning your skin at home, which got a lot of interest.

My talk focused on how to pack well, look great when travelling and how to maximise a holiday capsule wardrobe.  All of the women agreed that packing can be a chore, and many of them end up taking too much (or too little).

Packing well is an art.  You want your clothes to arrive at your destination relatively crease-free, and also know that you’ve got everything you need (without taking too much).  Here are some of my secrets…

  • Consider your destination, planned activities, local culture and of course, the weather
  • Plan beforehand and make a list. People think I’m mad but I start writing a list of everything I’m going to wear, for both day and evening, about two weeks before.  It changes as I plan outfits – things get added, and crossed off, but I end up with a final list to guide me as I pack.  I then carry this list in my handbag.  If my luggage goes astray, I have a full list of my things
  • Planning in advance gives you time to get any dry cleaning, shoe reheeling and repairs done
  • Pack a lightweight dressing gown – not all hotels provide one
  • In your carry on, pack a swimsuit, sandals, knickers and shorts – in case the worst happens

We had a great time, and will be planning more events in the next few weeks.

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