Penny, business consultant, Lewes:  I so enjoyed our session, you have a real gift for this work.  I took 5 bags (5!) to the charity shop and my wardrobe seems to have breathed a sigh of relief.  Your identification of things I’ve never worn together means I feel I have more to wear, not less and your recommendations have been spot on.  Thanks so much!

Stef, businesswoman, Hassocks, Sussex:  What a fantastic service Sam provides! My wardrobe was stuffed to the gills with clothes I hadn’t worn for years, if at all, and I needed a new pair of stylish and skilled eyes to help me update my look. I have to admit I was nervous, and a bit embarrassed, about letting anyone loose on my wardrobe, but Sam is so easy to talk to that I instantly forgot my concerns and enjoyed every minute of our consultation and wardrobe detox. I felt liberated as we cleared out the frumpy clutter and Sam identified the items that “worked” for me, giving me great ideas to put together outfits from my existing wardrobe.

The “gap list” that Sam compiled for me has been invaluable, and her suggestions of items to fill those gaps have saved me hours of painful and indecisive trawling through the shops.  Thank you Sam for helping me become a more modern and polished version of myself, just exactly what I wanted!

Clive, finance professional, Sussex:  Samantha really understands the language of clothes.  In a business context this means she can help you start to get your message across – about who you are, how you see yourself and how you want others to see you – even before you say a word.  On top of which she is a lovely lady and a pleasure to work with.

Jennifer, business owner, Lindfield, Sussex:  I should have asked Samantha to help me far sooner but that’s a hard call to make. In just two meetings, though, she flipped a switch in my head that made it ok to love clothes and fashion again.  She acknowledged my own style as valid.  And that’s a great big gob-smacking wonderful start to feeling “normal” once again.

Katharine, HR professional, Hove, Sussex: Having a personal stylist feels a bit indulgent, but really it is an investment in yourself.  I was hesitant to ask for help – surely by now I should know what suits me and what to wear.  After all, I would be admitting to some short-comings on my part when it comes to fashion and style.  Wow…what a difference Samantha makes.  She makes you feel comfortable with your own style and guarantees you at least three outfits that you have not thought of before – we came up with 14!  She offers ideas, recommendations and suggestions with integrity and honesty, so that by the time she left I felt stylish, inspired and organised!   Oh, and at a recent interview, I was easily the best dressed and it gave me more presence than the others.  And I got the job…

Jacqueline, nurse/skincare consultant, Eastbourne, East Sussex:  I recommend everyone has a wardrobe detox session with Samantha! It has given me a whole new outlook on what to wear, new combinations to put together and what to avoid. I’ve also got rid of all the dated ‘just in case I might wear it one day’ items that are taking up space in the wardrobe, leaving me with space and an organised rail to choose from, and allowing me to wear things I had forgotten about. Well worth the money – ask for this as a present for your next birthday or other special occasion!

Jo, trainer and coach, Sompting, West Sussex: Sam helped me detox my wardrobe and sort out some casual outfits (watch this space!).  I love my dresses, which are great for networking and work, but I never knew what to wear at weekends, especially having reached the big 40!  Sam has an amazing eye for what looks good, she is so stylish herself and we had lots of fun.  It felt so good to get rid of stuff that probably never suited me (including pretty much everything black!).  I can’t believe I wasted so much time in my 20’s hiding behind black clothes trying to make myself invisible.  Enough of that already!  Thank you so much Sam!  You have an great business and you are fantastic at what you do.

Rosie, therapist, Hove: I thoroughly enjoyed my wardrobe detox session with Sam. I usually open my wardrobe and see “absolutely nothing to wear”! I just ended up wearing the same old casual combo every day. I worried about still wearing clothes from over a decade ago when I lived a completely different lifestyle, and had made mistakes in trying to dress more maturely, ending up looking frumpy, and totally not “me”. 

In comes Sam! She pointed out clothes I’d bought and then never worn and has made me look at them in a completely different light. Recommending smart yet funky combinations as well as sorting whole outfits of things that look really good together. I now know what works well in my wardrobe, and having that extra opinion from someone who really knows fashion and what looks good on you is invaluable. 

The follow up has also been really helpful. I’ve got a list of suggested items, things that I have been searching the shops for years in vain. What’s also great is that these items are over a whole range of prices, so I can pick what works in my budget. Finally, simply being advised which shops to shop in for my style, figure and age range, so I still keep my personality in my clothing will be so handy for future shopping trips. I would highly recommend booking a session with Sam, it will save you a lot of stress and worry!

Charlotte, business owner, Portslade: Sam has just left, my wardrobe is rearranged and suddenly I have outfits to wear not just for work but casually too. It’s been a wonderful couple of hours. 

I have a very colourful wardrobe.  I thought nothing went together, and I was unsure about shoes.  Sam has shown me so many new outfits – it has been a revelation.  She also taught me how to avoid ‘orphans’; those items we buy because we like them but have nothing to wear them with.  I am now confident that I will be able to put together a complete outfit.

Since my wardrobe and styling session with Sam, I have added three new tops of a style I wouldn’t have thought I could wear (two are in colours that I wouldn’t normally buy). They are wonderful, make me feel smarter than my usual t-shirts and go with multiple bottoms!  Best compliment has been in the queue for the ladies by someone who said ‘I have those same shoes but would never have thought of putting those colours together- I love it’.

Tara, managing director, Peacehaven:  My work requires me to network and meet clients on a daily basis, as well as attend award ceremonies and work with the media.  My main issue was putting things together.  I have lots of clothes but had no idea on how to coordinate them.   Samantha helped me clear out clothing that did nothing for my figure, which I found liberating and cathartic, as well as put items together which really work for me.  She also suggested key items for my wardrobe, providing outlets and prices within my budget.  These make me look and feel great and  I would highly recommend her services. 

Lara, company director, Worthing:  I have always been relatively happy with my sense of style, but felt that I was missing a ‘certain something’.   One morning spent with Samantha opened my eyes to a new way of mixing my work and casual wardrobe, giving me lots of new outfits to wear without spending a penny. I would highly recommend the wardrobe detox to everyone.

Ninni, mum/property entrepreneur, East Sussex:  Sam made me feel funky, fashionable and fabulous !  And interestingly, I get more wear out of what’s left than I ever did out of the whole lot !  She helps you look at your clothes in a different light, combining stuff you would never have thought of and putting together really smart outfits with probably very ‘standard’ pieces.  Apart from buying a few things on the ‘gap list’ she put together, I have not been clothes shopping with Sam…yet.  I have felt no need to, as I now feel that my wardrobe is full of wearable and exciting clothes.  What a great investment!

Nicola, Danehill, East Sussex: What a lovely lady!  From the moment I met Sam I immediately felt at ease – she is warm and charming with a fantastic talent. Having got to 40, I felt stuck in a rut and needed help and direction with my wardrobe – all of which she provided.  Not only did we ‘detox’, but Sam made me see the clothes I have in a different light!  I am now putting together outfits I didn’t even know I had.  Sam also gave me lots of helpful tips and direction about where to find the missing links in my wardrobe.  I have bought several of these pieces, which has given me even more outfits at a fraction of the cost of buying all new things.  It really was an inspirational few hours and money well spent!  Thank you!

Sarah, director, Brighton: I have told so many people what a good experience it was. You are brilliant at what you do, just the right mix of advice and encouragement.

Susan, company director, Sussex/London:  I’ve now had a wardrobe detox and a shopping trip with Samantha and found her professional, smart, encouraging and really diplomatic as the wardrobe culling commenced.

Having hit a milestone birthday, I was concerned that the dreaded ‘f’ word was looming. Whilst frump doesn’t feature in my style, Samantha helped me choose pieces which I simply would not have considered in the past. Although I love clothes, I dislike shopping intensely.  On our shopping trip, she had already scouted a few options for me and selected certain shops so it was very focused. I achieved more than I expected; a wedding outfit, an informal but professional work style and new basics to go with everything I already own.

This is the first time I’ve ever considered working with a stylist.  After all, I could spend the money on new clothes!  I can say unequivocally that decluttering my wardrobe and feeling great about my clothes has been invaluable.  I continue to hold Samantha’s advice in my head  and it stops me from rash, impulsive shopping.  Money very well spent indeed. 

Maria, skincare specialist, Haywards Heath, East Sussex: Sam is very personable and puts you at ease.  She has an easy and friendly manner which instantly made me feel more confident about my wardrobe detoxFollowing an initial consultation during which she carefully identified what was important to me, we looked at my wardrobe together which contained some clothes that I had not worn for some years but was unsure whether to ditch or not.

Sam has put order back into my wardrobe. It’s simple now to pull out outfits that are complete and striking. She even emailed me a list after the event detailing the numerous complete outfits she created with my existing clothes. Nowadays, my wardrobe contains clothes that I wear and only items that form complete outfits. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam should you wish to have a wardrobe detox and I cannot wait for the next step…. shopping!

Charlie Strand, photographer, London/Sussex: Having worked closely with Samantha on a recent wardrobe detox I can confirm that she conducts herself with utmost class, treats her clients like gold and makes sure everyone has a great time, as well as getting the job done. (www.charliestrand.com)

Louise, project manager for a lingerie brand, Hove, East Sussex: My wardrobe needs to take me from the school run to meetings in London with our PR agency to travelling to a trade show in Paris. Sam has definitely helped me achieve that. I know I can open my wardrobe and know what to wear, and it will be easier to shop as I now know what I’ve got – I won’t be wasting money on things that don’t work for me. I completely trusted Sam and we had loads of fun!

Amanda, company director, Hove:  Sam is great at what she does. Sam spent a highly valuable couple of hours with me on a wardrobe detox. She was able to give my wardrobe a new lease of life by coming up with outfits and combinations I hadn’t considered. She was also refreshingly honest about what didn’t suit me, suggesting alterations to make items work better. She also identified some ‘gaps’ in my wardrobe providing much need direction for future shopping trips. Sam is also an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Wendy, Parsons Green, London: Samantha was a great help with my wardrobe!  She is delightful to be around and has a wonderful sense of style working with confidence and efficiency. She went through my current wardrobe including shoes clothing and jewelry suggesting pieces to help update and pieces to donate.  This made room in my wardrobe to help style outfits and also to see what I needed to fill in.  Samantha was then happy to shop with me which helped me to actually purchase the pieces on my list efficiently.   Thank you for all of your help! 

Carrie, changing careers, East Sussex: Samantha had a fresh and original approach to how to make the best use of outfits I have and what was missing in my wardrobe. She took great care and empathy in getting to know me and my lifestyle.  I felt like a new woman with different new variations of outfits – and that’s before any shopping ! If you’re stuck in a rut and looking for some ‘va va voom’ I couldn’t commend style&grace enough.  Because that’s how you’ll feel after a few hours with Samantha – stylish and graceful…

Amy, strategic change consultant, London/Sussex: I was stuck in a style rut and badly in need of inspiration. I had lost weight and got trimmer so my clothes just didn’t look right anymore. I was also sticking to the same 2 or 3 shops because they felt “safe” and it was killing my look.

Sam detoxed my wardrobe, weeding out things that didn’t work for me any longer and identified gaps like neutral blouses, blazers and tops that would create several outfits together with the right neutral accessories.  The shopping trip itself was great fun and a real eye-opener. Sam had prepared a rail of clothing for me, full of pieces I probably would never have picked up and I ended up buying most of them because they looked great! I now have a capsule wardrobe of clothes that really work. Sam has such a great eye for pulling together a look that is modern in a classic way without being slavishly trendy.  I will definitely repeat the shopping trip a couple of times a year to ensure my wardrobe stays fresh and on trend. I see it as an investment to ensure that my hard-earned budget is spent wisely!

Steve, senior manager, global financial organisation, Sussex:   Wow! What a transformation Samantha has made. I’ve never had the confidence to shop for clothes properly. The small investment with Sam has paid for itself, preventing me buying the wrong stuff and my new style has already been positively noticed, even by complete strangers. If you want to make the most of your time and clothing style, I highly recommend spending some time with Sam. 

Lucy, solicitor, Henfield, East Sussex: When I met Sam I instantly knew that she was the personal stylist for me. I felt in need of a little style and grace, and she absolutely provided it. Sam spent a few hours with me detoxing my wardrobe (exhausting and exhilarating in equal measure) and we weeded out clothes which really didn’t look that great, ready for a shopping trip to re-stock. Sam also helped me put together 3 outfits from my own clothes that I didn’t know I had, and guided me on what to wear for a Christmas party. It was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone. Everyone should have Sam in their life!

Louise, speech therapist, Hove, East Sussex:  I’m a hoarder who buys so many clothes that I had them stored in just about every room.  Many no longer fitted me, had never been worn or were just ‘not me’ anymore.  My session with Sam was just what I needed, to sort through clothes I was never likely to wear but too scared to ditch.  She was gentle but honest, and left me feeling that dressing for the day was no longer a chore.  A truly cathartic morning!

Jo, business owner, London:  The prospect of buying a dress for a charity ball filled me with terror, but thank God for Sam.  She had recced shops and ideas before we met and already had a number of options ready.  We struck lucky on the first shop as the dress she had found was absolutely perfect.  Shopping with Sam was great fun and incredibly easy, something I never thought I would ever say about shopping, and she has great taste.  I am very much looking forward to our next excursion.

Clara, communications professional, Buckinghamshire:  Sam has a great eye for style and colour and encourages me to try on clothes I would never have considered on my own, which then turn out to be fabulous.

Anna, hotelier, London:  I would highly recommend anyone who is pressed for time but wants to look good to spend an afternoon shopping with Sam.

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