Travel in style

We all want to look effortlessly chic when we travel. But unfortunately, in my view, all the glamour has gone out of travel, particularly by air. Long gone are the days when people dressed to get on a boat, plane or train. Add to that the extensive security, the sheer volume of people and the waiting times – even the most chic and put together woman can look a mess by the time she gets to her destination.

Here are a few tips to help you look your best:

  • First of all, dress well. By this I don’t mean wear something dressy, but do look put together. Taking a ‘tonal’ approach is very elegant, for example dark jeans and a navy jumper, or tones of camel and grey. Team these with contrasting accessories that will work with what you’ve packed
  • Wear shoes you can get out of easily. You’re not always asked to take them off – but it’s best to be prepared. Elegant ballet flats, loafers or simple trainers are best. If you choose heels, keep them at a mid-height – remember you’ll be walking miles of corridors at the airport, and your feet will swell on the plane
  • This next tip is something I swear by. I always carry any jewellery I’m taking (and not actually wearing) in my handbag or carry on – I never ever pack it in my case, for security reasons
  • Don’t wear white or linen while you travel – they get grubby and crease like mad– you’ll look a mess at the other end !
  • Wear items that you will also wear while you’re away – so that they do double duty and you’re not packing even more.

Enjoy your holiday !




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