What is ‘normcore’?

One of the newest (and ugliest) words making the rounds in fashion circles over the past couple of years is ‘normcore’. What is it? Wikipedia defines it as: ‘a unisex fashion trend characterised by unpretentious, average-looking clothing. “Normcore” is a portmanteau of the words “normal” and “hardcore”.’

IMG_1189It’s come about for a number of reasons: a backlash against constantly changing trends, a rejection of blingy and ubiquitous logos and a desire to look chic and stylish without having to shout about it.

Some think the normcore ‘uniform’ of ‘plain’ (albeit high end) white shirts, cashmere jumpers in neutral tones, dark skinny jeans and leather trainers is boring and the opposite of individual and unique. I disagree – I prefer to see people (especially those of us of a certain age) with a more understated look. It’s then easy to add colour and personality through accessories (and it’s cheaper too). IMG_1182

Luxe-Layers founder Flavia says it best: ‘Most of us with jobs in fashion are indeed very much ‘normcorers’, because better than anyone, we understand the difference between fashion trends and true style.’ Precisely. Check out Flavia’s ‘normcore commandments’ here.

IMG_1209As I frequently say to clients, style is timeless, not trendy. It should be individual (think Iris Apfel), reflect your personality and be appropriate for your age and lifestyle.


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