Yes, autumn is finally here.

After a mild September and a positively balmy October, there’s no escaping the fact that autumn is finally here.

I love autumn. To some it means ‘leaves on the line’, shorter days and lower temperatures, but to me it encompasses the promise of……great accessories. For it is in autumn that accessories really come into their own – scarves, gloves, sunglasses (for chilly but clear days), hats and socks all start to take vital supporting roles in our wardrobes.

And because these items are on show when we’re out and about, there’s no excuse for them not being as well thought out as your other items of clothing. In fact, they help pull together your look, creating polish and coherence.

I like to take a tonal approach to accessorising. My favourite hat, for example (hats are a fantastic way to inject individuality into your outfit) is a black and grey tweedy check. I aim for the majority of my outfit to tone in with this – either going for all grey or black – and then add a pop of colour with a bright red or pink glove or scarf.

Keep it simple. Keep the number of colours down. Add one key ‘pop’ of colour to add some zing. And remember the sage advice of the immortal Coco Chanel: ‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.’

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